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Here’s Where You Think THQ’s Properties Should Wind Up

News regarding the sale of THQ’s properties is set to hit sometime later today, and we’ll be sure to let you know once it has. In the meantime, we wanted to revisit a question we asked you readers earlier this month.

A reader discussion post asked where the best home for THQ’s various properties was, and you had plenty of ideas.Here are some comments that we received:

Leo Vader: Square Enix might be a good fit for saints row, they kicked ass with Just Cause 2 and Sleeping Dogs.

calvin huff: I would like it if EA acquired the Homefront series. They already have a good working relationship with Crytek and they could finally put MOH out to pasture where it belongs.

Anonymous Tom: “Where Is The Best Home For THQ’s Various Properties?” Apparently not THQ.

Tron39: If any of those franchises go to either Ubisoft or Warner Bros, then I will rest easy.


nathan98: I think Ubisoft would do good on darksiders. Probaby warner for saints row. And take 2 for the metro series, and company of heroe’s

RednekGamurz: I dunno about these other franchises, I just hope someone picks up the Destroy all Humans! series and does something great with it

Most of you: Anywhere but Activision

via Here's Where You Think THQ's Properties Should Wind Up.


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